Cement -Fact :2016


IMPORT :Decreased by 11% ,This year,Total import is worth of Rs :1  Arab ,87 cores,only 20%

cements are  imported,from India,local industry have covered 80 %,

Market :Increased by 15 %.peryear

INDUSTRY :46 Industry ,are in productions Stage

CAPACITY TOTAL:70 lakhs Tone per year,only 50% ,are produced,du to Electricity problem

CLINKER :Clinker Import is increased by 15 %,,14 clinker industry are in production stage.

IMPORT CLINKER :RS9  9Arab,83 cores,70 % clinkers are imported,30 % is  covered by local Industry

Many foreign Invester and Local invester are invested in cement industry.DANGOTE,HANSHI SHIVAM,HAUSING

RELIANCE are big joint venture project.

 It is hoped that in a few years ,Nepal  will be fully depended  in both   clinker aswel as cement.




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