Standard House in just Rs 3000/per.sq.feet .






Are you planning to built a new standard ,strong,& best look,architecturely designed house ? without  providing your valuable time & effort in very reasonable cost in tension free enviornment.Remember   MERO GHAR ,purely managed & operated by young engineering team in Nepal.

The cost for full finished home cost just Rs;3000 /per sq.feed.It is a  just ready to shift.

MERO GHAR  takes entirely responsive starting to end ,house map drawing to final map registration certificate from concerned dept.

This ccost is very reasonable as we calculate the cost of latest constructions materials  & labour wages.

Mostly local contractors ,they just built ,a house owner should manage themselves entire  constructions materials,& should find  seperate contractors like:finding painter.plumbers,electricians ,carpenter,marble fixer,floorings,kitchen fafricators,alumunium & iron fabfricators ..etc Which are unlimited tensionable & time consuming.

According experiance of Vijaya sharma -chief operation officer of cnstructed by MERO GHAR is cheaper,stronger,better,& well designed.

The full finished cost for 800 sq.feet is Rs 24laks only.It means in general Six rooms .The  cost  includes:Kitchen,toilets,bharyang,bed rooms,bathrooms,dining hall,For two story cost Rs 48 laks,& Rs 60 laks for 2.5 story.For 800 sq.feet ,It costs Rs 24 laks only for construction & finishing materials in PRATICE

It is prooved that it costed 95 laks to 110 laks for 2.5 story,in PRATICEघर-चर्किनुका-कारणहर

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Why water proofing Treatment is neccessery ?


Water Proofing Treatment

The leakage of water rising dampness are the usual problems faced by the construction professional. Under these circumstances, water proofing, i.e. make the structure free from unwanted moisture attack becomes a necessity. Depending upon the nature, location, type and shape, and importance of the structure the procedure and the type of water proofing system should be chosen. The choice of correct and appropriate type of water proofing system is an important and critical situation of the waterproofing job. Failure in choosing the correct and appropriate type of water proofing system will result in an unsound, not durable water proofing treatment.Chose who provide free technical full support.


Now-a-days a variety of cold applied waterproofing chemicals are available in the market. Due to its ease and faster application, monolithic coating without any joints, long service life, and elastic in nature, these types of water proofing system are getting popular all over the world. Usually, these chemicals are made from single or two components are based on variety of chemicals such as polymers, acrylic emulsions in water and others.
These are elastomeric materials and can be applied by trowel, brush or sprayed by the machines. The applied chemical will form a film that acts as a waterproofing barrier to the structure. Due to its chemical composition, this film will develop very strong bond with the applied surface. Water proofing by crystallization system is also developed in this context to fill the micro-pores in concrete structure.

Usually, these types of water proofing material are based on silicon resin and long chain fatty acid. Due to its transparent nature, it has little or no effect on the appearance of the structure and because of its good penetration ability; the pores in the structure are lined with strongly water repellant resin. Since there is a high interfacial tension between water and silicon resin, water will not easily enter into them. Such types of treatment are done on exposed brick surface of the building, façade stones, plasters, gypsum boards etc which keeps building always fresh looking.

July 21, 2017 |

Cement & Concrette: should be strong.


Modern construction industry could not be imagined without the use of cement and cement concrete. In earlier days it was believed that the concrete was very strong construction material and life of any structure built with cement concrete would be very long , i.e. It would withstand the conditions for which it was designed for a long period of time without getting deteriorated or damaged. Now , due to failure of some of the concrete structures that are hardly 20 years old , the construction professionals realized that the cement concrete structure is dependent not only on the strength of the concrete but also on many other factors such as permeability of concrete, water cement ratio, quality of the material used for the construction, compaction, curing of the concrete and others. In order to control these affecting factors within desired tolerable range, Building Chemicals such as plasticizers, retarders, curing compounds, water proofing compounds etc. were introduced and have been used in different construction activities according to specific demand and requirements.

Hence, in order to provide the best technical assistance in modern construction activities of our country ,  NEW TECHNICAL WATER PROOFING SERVICE & REHABILITION PVT. LTD. In 2049 B.S. we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the sole distributors of one of world’s famous and leading building chemical producer

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Guide to Best Floorings





 First you should decide the location of your flooring location.Exterior or interior,corridoror living room.or kitchen,or garden,or car parking area.

Different location needs diffirent types floorings,then fix your budget,

Main options are:Marbles,tiles,laminated floorings,PVC floorings,non woven carpets,bamboo parquet,wooden parquet.mosaic tiles,kota stones or bricks,

All types floorings are easily avaible in Nepal market ,high pricing to low pricings.

Owing to aesthetic looks and easy maintenance, parqueting is growing most popular for flooring options. “Laminate parquets are easy to assemble ans clean. This is the reason why people opt for laminate parqueting,” said Bimal Agrawal, Director at Ebony Furnishing. Appropriate for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, corridors and staircases, parqueting has become a popular option for city dwellers to beautify their living space.

Made up of compressed wood dust, laminate parquets are suitable for all rooms except the kitchen and bathroom areas. Prices start from Rs 150 to Rs 450 per sq ft and come with three to 20 year warranty periods. They come in 8 mm to 12 mm thickness and can be easily transferred. Reportedly, 8 mm parquet slabs are more popular than 12 mm. These products are imported from India, China, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Malaysia.

Ebony Furnishing also offers wooden parqueting from the Nepali brand Nemo Parquet. “Wooden parqueting is double the price of laminate parqueting. This is the main reason why the demand for wooden parquets is low,” said Agrawal. Made up of sisau wood, these wooden parquets come with a 50 year warranty, however, they need to be polished every year for a fresh look. “For customers who want inexpensive products at affordable prices, we have PVC parqueting that looks like laminate flooring,” he added. Being water resistant, PVC parqueting is perfect for living and dining areas.  These PVC parquets come in 7 inch width and 39 inch length with 2 mm and 3 mm thickness. They cost Rs 160 to Rs 175 per sq ft.

PVC tiles are substitutes to tiles that come in 8X8 inch and 12X12 inch sizes. He said that being water and sound proof these flooring options are appropriate for dining rooms, kitchens and corridors. PVC tiles are pasted on the smooth surface of floors with glue.

Ebony imports tile carpets from France that come in 20X20 inch. Available in six designs, these tile carpets costs Rs 175 per sq ft. “Unique design, transferable and durable, these tile carpets are suitable for living rooms and bedrooms,” he said, adding that unlike other whole carpets one can replace certain portions of the carpet easily if damaged.

“The demand for laminate flooring is ever growing,” said Gaurav Panday, Chief of Balterio at Navin Distributors, adding, “Being scratch proof, they imitate real wood or tiles and are easy to maintain. That is the reason why most customers opt for laminate flooring.” He said that the company offers more than 50 colour options on Balterio laminate flooring from Belgium.

Citing that Balterio is more expensive than other brands, Panday said, “It is worth the investment in a branded product for its quality and durability.” According to him, they provide 20 to 25 years of warranty on their products with prompt customer care service. The price of their product starts at Rs 160 to Rs 430 per sq ft depending upon quality, texture and grooving system. He said that laminate flooring is used for all rooms except the kitchen where there could be water movement.

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Bring Back your Marble as new

Marble cleaning services has two distinct process. One of them is marble crystallization and other is polishing. It will guide you the different procedure by inspecting the condition of your floor surface. For high gloss finish , use progressively higher grit of industrial diamond discs for removing scratches from the previous disc and then you should apply a buffing or crystallization procedure for creating the desired gloss.


In the process of marble crystallization, heat of friction helps give the marble surface more shine. The crystallization process will never make a build up on surfaces, like waxing. Crystallization also helps to create a slip-resistant surface. Crystallization is the result of the chemical reaction on the surface of the marble. The crystallization process provides a high gloss finish on the marble surface. Crystallization also creates microfilm on the surface of the marble, which is more solid and durable and helps to preserve the color and the brightness of the marble. Crystallization is a very good method for regular marble maintenance.


Polishing gives semi-shining or shining effect to the marble floor. Polishing is done by industrial diamonds, but smaller grade than honing. For marble floors in good condition a polishing can be enough to bring back the shine. Some stains can penetrate completely through the marble that grinding or honing will not able to remove stain complete, in this case should be used both ways for stain removal.


Did you accidentally scratch your marble or your old marble has thousands of micro scratches and dull spots? Do you want to bring back the original appearance to your marble surface? We’re able to remove scratches from most surfaces of granite, marble, limestone etc… and restore surface to original look. Many scratches can be removed by polishing with medium or high grit industrial diamond abrasives. Stains at most cases can be removed by a process known as poultice.The liquid cleaner or chemical will draw out the stain into the absorbent material. Poultice procedures may have to be repeated to thoroughly remove a stain, but some stains may never be completely removed. If the poultice doesn’t work, honing or grinding the surface down to a fresh layer of marble and then polishing may help to remove the stain.
    It is difficult to find best & expert marble cleaners,always do it by expert.
To find Best marble cleaners :click Service providers in
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Modular Kitchen:A stylish Kitchen




-Easy to install

-Elegant in  Look & design

-Minimised Spaces & price

Easy to assemble & transfer & flexible

-Avaible in many quality,Design,& colour & look

Difficult  to find best quality suppliers .Find best suppliers in


Projects by: Mero kitchen

lifestyle of Todays people are gradually shifting to modular kitchens for their elegant looks, maximum utilisation of available space, customised design and overall utility. Available in various material and design choices modular kitchens are stealing the hearts of many and growing very popular. However, traders stated that the demand for the such products have slowed down after the earthquake owing to halt in the real estate sector.

“Easy to assemble and transfer, these modular kitchens are elegant in look, flexible and can be used as per the requirement of customers and available space,” said Prakash Kumar Tibrewal, Director of Kitchen Concepts.

Citing that kitchens are all about personal choice and depend upon cooking habits, space, number of family members and style, he said, “We have a complete kitchen solution to match each and every requirement of customers.”

The price of modular kitchens depends upon chosen material. Modular kitchens are available in various material such as PU lacquered, lacquered glass, acrylic, veneer, European laminate, plywood and marble. At Kitchen Concepts, the price of a modular kitchen starts at Rs 300,000 and includes sink, chimney, working space, stove, granite counter tops and cabinets. Tibrewal informed that they have tall baskets, built in cabinets for refrigerators, oven, microwaves, dishwashers, et cetera. He also stated that they provide a year’s warranty on their products with after sales services.

3 modular kitchens to choose from

This modular island kitchen is trending these days. Designed in purple and white PU lacquered and glorious glass, the cabinet allures every one. Use of hydraulic system in drawers makes it easy to open and close to take out things. This kitchen is designed for maximum use of corners and below sink area. It has a built in dishwasher and accesorised by SS304 grade products that will not get rusted. It costs around Rs 1.4 million.PU lacquered and glorious glass modular kitchen


PU lacquered and veneer modular kitchen

This kitchen combines PU lacquered and veneer for a different look. Veneer top cabinet and breakfast counter just complements the off white lacquered kitchen area with tall cabinet. It has in built microwave and oven space. This kitchen has an island cooking area with soft close drawers. It costs around Rs 1.5 million.


Laminate modular kitchen Made up of Nepali laminate using waterproof plywood, this kitchen is affordable. Matte and high gloss laminate combines well in this kitchen. Use of maximum drawers along with side corners of the cabinet utilises space to the maximum for storing and keeping kitchen utensil

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