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Iron products for constructions



In every constructions projects buildings or bridge or roadsor hydro project,or irrigations  iron materials & items play vital role .

There are very few & seleced iron   faibricators & services providers in Nepal, who fabricate iron items directly related to constructions projects.such as one wheller barrow (Gada),Scaf folding  it is also called teko,or props,U-head Jack,T-Jack,pipe clamps,maljam,.Q  box , box ,slliding chhanel.plate farma,base plate ,farma tight  (Tie rod),Dhamaka,& all ty pes of building ,bridge constructions iron items & many more…listed fabricators can easily make any other iron product as contractors requirements.

Applicable sections

Scaf folding: Iron scaf folding is a major iron items for constructions.

U-jack &  U-head jacks:

It is used in conjuctions with adjustable system for scaf foldings.The main functions is to hold timber or iron items ,scaf foldings.these heads are used insupporting floor forms,slab & beams .It has jack nuts that provides for accurate adjustment .

Adjustable base jacks/base plate

It is used in to secure pipe & cup locks to the ground.

Wheel barrow : To carry constructions easyly,& comfortly.

For trade easy & inquiry  contact :lal bahadur Iron Work shop ( View Details )located in dhunga Adda managed lal Bahadur Biswokarma cell:9851093564,Tel:5218540 ,A renowed & experienced iron fabricators of Nepal,same as Jay Bishal Traders  ( VIEW DETAILS ) located at Gusingal,river side of bagmati river,Lalitpur ,managed byby Radhe Shyam Jaiswal.Cell:9849086688,9849202179,Shiva Metal Works in Gusingal Tel:5545447,9851120613  View Products

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Product Buying Guide


Air cooler works simply where water is put in the cooler. The air is circulated by the pump in the cooler as water is sprinkled on the pads of the cooler. This evaporates the heat and cool air is circulated in the room. Read more.


Water Purifier Buying Guide

Water purifier is necessary nowadays especially if you use underground water for drinking as these can contaminants. Water filters are the more permanent solution. Many types of water filters are made, and they range widely in sophistication and price. They may use reverse-osmosis, activated carbon, or ultra-violet rays to clean or purify water. Read more.

Water Heater / Geyser Buying Guide

If you are in the market for a new water heater, be aware that your options now reach far beyond replacing your current storage tank water heater with one just like it. Because heating water typically consumes from 15 to 25 percent of a home’s total monthly energy budget, you’ll discover that the best new water heaters focus on heating water efficiently. Read more.

Small Kitchen Design Tips

The space in small kitchen is limited and it is difficult to overcome this feeling. Still using unique storage solutions, mixing natural and ambient lighting, and carefully choosing your appliances, you can use the space effectively. Read more.


Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing machine is becoming more and more a need with washing becoming weekly affair due to limited availability of time. You can select among a lot of washing machines available based on size of your family, type of machine and price you have in mind. Thankfully the categories aren’t too tedious to choose from. Read more.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator is a basic necessity in every home. The choice of refrigerator brand, capacity and model depends on various factors like number of people in your house, food habits, whether you do shopping on weekends only, storing beverages and beer. A two member family can need a small or mini refrigerator anywhere between 50 to 200 litres. Read more.

Television Buying Guide

Buying a television is no longer a simple affair. The sheer variety not just in terms of brands but also in terms of the different types of television means that you have to be prepared for a long stint at the dealer outlets looking through a couple of dozen models before, hopefully, finding the one that suits you the best. However, you could save yourself some time by knowing what components you need to look out for when you choose a television. Read more.

INVERTER Battery Buying Guide

Inverter battery plays an important role in determining the performance of the inverter. So you should check the battery specifications too when deciding on the inverter to purchase or when the old battery becomes unusable. Read more.


Kitchen Chimneys are an effective way of removing smoke due to cooking from your kitchen. They typically are better than exhaust fans as they suck the smoke immediately and presence of several international brands like Glen, Elica, Faber and Gilma give various options at suitable prices.It saves the ceiling above the cooking area to get damaged and also smoke spreading to other rooms. Read more.

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UPVC Door & Window : A cheapest & Strongest


 Why UPVC Door & window ?

60 % cheaper than wood,Earthquake resistann,enviornmently friendly,

saves enviornment,better out look,flexible in

in design,takes short time to ready,paints free,fire proof,

sound proof,easy to install,maintance free,

long life ,




नेपाली बजारमा अनप्लास्टिसाइज्ड पोलिभिन्यल क्लोराइड (युपिभिसी) का झ्याल, ढोका, खापा पनि विकल्पको रुपमा  छन् ।

सरल, सहज तथा सुलभ तरिकाले तपाईको घर तथा कार्यालयको झ्याल र ढोकामा सजाउन सकिन्छ





क्षमादेवी ग्रुपका अध्यक्ष तथा युपिभिसी उत्पादक राजकुमार बस्नेतका अनुसार अर्डर गरेको एक देखि दुई हप्ता भित्र युपिभिसीका झ्याल, ढोका तथा खापा तयार हुने गर्छ । त्यस्तै फिट गर्न तथा डिजाइन तयार गर्न पनि समय नलाग्ने अध्यक्ष बस्नेतले बताए ।




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Price of constructions Materials:



Find pricing for iron& steel items,cement,bricks,tiles,sand,concrete& many mores…

House costs: Rs 3200/per sq feet

_Prefab House Rs ;2000 per Sq Feet

-price for OPC cement  ;Rs 900-920

-For PPC cement Rs:800-820/

PVC Floorings Rs 160-190 p/sq feet,Depends in thickness

-Iron Rods Rs:85 -88 per KG depends in mm

-Bricks local Rs12/for A gradie Rs.11.5 for B grade +transport

-Chinese Bricks Rs:12.5 for A grade .Rs: 12. for B grade Sizes 9*4.5*2.5

–Sand;& gravel  Rs :  per 265 cubic feet Rs :30000/per Tripper

-Alumunium door/window/partition Rs : 350-800 per sq feet with fittings  ,price depends thickness,& quality 1mm-3mm

  • Alimunium composite pannel:Re 175-275 per as feet ,depends on brand
  • UPVC Door/window/partitions Rs 400-650 per sq feet

-Fibre Glass shade & roof Rs 225-250 per sq feet for midium quality with fittings & full materials

-Printed imported carpet normal quality Rs 1100 per meter( 22 sq fee







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Fibre Glass Products : Applicables & Advantages



Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) comprise a special group of the reinforced plastics made up of by incorporating flexible strands of fibrous glass into a compatible plastics material. This engineering material came into existence in 1942 for the first time. From this modest beginning the FRP family of composites has grown both in number and quality today competing with metals and other materials. Almost all engineering plastics are being used for making composites and a variety of new composites are being developed every year. More then 35000 products are being made out of these composites.

FRP products are used in applications requiring high mechanical strength but, with light weight requirements. Combining fiberglass with plastics increases the materials physical strength, stiffness, impact resistance and dimensional stability, and it also increases its use over wider temperature ranges. The specific gravity of FRP is roughly one-fifth that of steel, and as such, its use covers a wider range of applications when lightweight is important. Depending on the amount of glass reinforcement used and its particular geometry and arrangement in the resin mix, strengths can range from roughly half to several times those of structural steel.

General Advantages of FRP:

  • Low electrical conductivity.
  • High Strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Longevity.
  • Adequate optical properties.
  • Low transportation cost.
  • Low installation costs.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Low resistance to flow
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Good energy saving.
  • Light in weight.
    1. Transportation: Car, bus and truck bodies, hood, bonnets, wing mirrors, break linings, seats, bumpers, leaf spring, spare wheel covers, bulk cargo containers, etc.
    2. Construction and infrastructure: Sanitary ware products, such as bathtub, shower units, wash basins, WC pans, etc. Roof light sheets and domes, flat and corrugated sheets. Decorative paneling. Insulation panels.Form work, moulds and shuttering for concrete, rain water guttering. Roofing applications include sealing and water proofing.
    3. Corrosion resistant: Applications in this market include all types oilfield pipes, fume handling ducts, under ground petrol tanks, sucker rods, water, waste water, drainage and irrigation piping and corrosion resistant tanks for all kinds of industries.
    4. Recreational: Water and snow skis, kayaks, snowboards, golf club shafts, golf trolleys and fishing rods, swimming pools, etc.
    5. Marine: Power boards, sail boats, speed boats, etc.
    6. Appliances & Business Equipment: Such as components and household appliances, computer terminal housing.
    7. Electronics & Electrical: Light poles, circuit boards, electrical junction boxes, ladder rails and copper plated laminates in printed circuit board, etc.
    8. Aerospace & Aircraft: Over head storage bins, aircraft toilets and helicopter rotor blades.
    9. Bio Gas Plants
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Stone Coated Roofing : A stylish roof



For over 100 years architects, builders, engineers and designers have specified metal roofing to protect their projects. Metal has a long standing reputation for performance, longevity, versatility and beauty.

Stone coated metal roofing was refined during and after the World War II and since then it has captured the global market due to its advantages like light weight, outstanding durability, and easy handling.

A-one stone coated roofing systems offer a high performance alternative to other roofing products, ideal for new construction or renovation in commercial, institutional and residential applications where high performance, long life and low maintenance are desired.

A-one Stone coated roofing sheets are manufactured to international quality standards and are tested to comply with or exceed relevant building codes and regulations.


  1. High Performance
  2. Lightweight
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Fire Safe
  6. Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  7. 120 mph Wind Warranty
  8. Attractive Appearance
  9. 50 Year Limited Warranty
  10. Find suppliers
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GYPSSUM BOARD:applicable & suppliers





Gypsum board is the generic name for a family of panel products that consist of a noncombustible core, composed primarily of gypsum, and a paper surfacing on the face, back and long edges. Gypsum board is one of several building materials covered by the umbrella term “gypsum panel products.” All gypsum panel products contain gypsum cores; however, they can be faced with a variety of different materials, including paper and fiberglass mats.

Gypsum board is often called drywall, wallboard, or plasterboard. It differs from other panel-type building products, such as plywood, hardboard, and fiberboard, because of its noncombustible core and paper facers. When joints and fastener heads are covered with a joint compound system, gypsum wall board creates a continuous surface suitable for most types of interior decoration.


Gypsum board can be applied over wood or metal framing or furring. It can be applied to masonry and concrete surfaces, either directly or to wood or metal furring strips. When applying board directly to masonry or concrete surfaces, smooth or fill in any irregularities to ensure proper attachment and an acceptable final finished surface. Furring properly attached to interior sides of exterior walls provides flat surfaces for standard fastener application as well and sufficient separation from substrates to overcome dampness in exterior walls. Do not allow gypsum board to directly contact surfaces, such as concrete or soil, with potentially high moisture contents. Most common in residential construction is the gypsum wallboard system1in which the joints between the panels and internal corners are reinforced with tape and covered with joint compound to create a surface suitable for final decoration. External corners are normally reinforced with either a metal or plastic corner bead which in turn is covered with joint compound. Exposed edges are covered with metal or plastic trim. The result is a smooth, unbroken surface ready for final decoration of paint, textures, wallpaper tile, paneling, or other materials,


  • Lightweight, cost-efficient material that readily accepts a wide range of decorative finishes.
  • Gypsum Board is easily cut for quick installation, permitting painting or other decoration and the installation of metal or wood trim almost immediately.
  • Expansion and contraction under normal atmospheric changes is negligible.
  • Fire Resistance
  • Sound Isolation
  • Durability
  • Economic
  • Versatilty
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Use led Free Paints


Construction and development works today needs to be sustainable as well environment friendly and human friendly.  The field of construction determines to what extent is construction human friendly as well as environment friendly. Taking this thing mainly into consideration, steel business federation had once organized a workshop seminar.

Lead causes negative impacts in intellectual development of children and also impacts their respiration process. Lead exposure is responsible for death of 143000 children and intellectual disability of 6 million children per year. It causes severe health problems and especially impacts bones. Furthermore, excessive lead exposure causes menstrual problems and miscarriage in women and brings high blood pressure, impotency and kidney problems in men as per the joint program of Public Health and Environmental Promotion Centers and Kyurpak. In the program, issues regarding the harmful effects of paints containing leads beyond the acceptable limit were discussed.

62 countries in world has been successful to set and follow the parameter for paint, but Nepal still lags behind in seeking information regarding the matter. On Poush 7, 2071, Government had set the parameter for paint by publishing information in gazette. Despite Nepal Government has set the parameter for paint, the parameter is not successfully implemented yet. If the parameters are not effectively implemented soon, then Nepal has to face severe damage to workers, consumers and environment.

There is no negative impact of using lead free paint on investment and profit in paint business. People involved in paint business should know that the cost of using lead free paint is lower than the cost of environmental damage. So, it’s important that all stakeholders get committed to an objective of using lead-free paints.

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UPVC: Door, Window & Partitions:







UPVC (Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) Door and Window is mainly used in the replacement for wood in construction.

This technology meets the higher demands of inhabitant comfort as it is durable with minimal expansion and contraction, provides superior insulation from outside heat, are self extinguishing and do not propagate fire. It is the material of choice for achieving both economic and environmental balance.

Throughout the globe, for more than 30 years, UPVC has become one of the most used materials. From the deserts of Arizona to the coldest parts of Scandinavia, this technology has been serving successfully. This material also has been proved to be useful in extreme hot conditions of the gulf.

With the UPVC windows and doors market share growing faster than any other new product in Australia, and its market being established in global scenario, builders from Nepal are also increasingly using and preferring this materials.

Kshamadevi building materials is the authorized dealer of CONCH brand UPVC materials being manufactured and traded by China Anhui Conch Group and Wuhu Conch Profiles and Science Co. Ltd. With the experience of more than 6-7 decades in this industry, these companies have the production capacity of 60 million tons and are currently serving all over China and are exported to numerous countries like United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.

Specification of UPVC Profile

Sliding and Casement Window
SN Profile Size Remarks
1 Sliding Window/ Door Frame 88 x 52 Color White
2 Sliding Window Sash 57 x 42 Color White
3 Sliding Door Sash 80 x 37 Color White
4 Casement Window Frame 60 x 60 Color White
5 Casement Window Sash 78 x 60 Color White
6 Casement Window Mullion 72 x 60 Color White
4 Iron 1.5mm


Hinge Door
SN Profile Size Remarks
1 Hinge Door Frame 60 x 60 Color White
2 Hinge Door Sash 104 x 60 Color White
3 Hinge Door Mullion 72 x 60 Color White
4 Door Panel 100 x 25 Color White

Glass: 5 mm Indian Glass

Insect Preventing Net: Nylon- Color Grey

Hardware: Patented Standard Hardware’s like Rollers, Gaskets, Brush seal, Moon locks, Normal locks, Door locks, Silicon, Pufoam, 100 mm Grip Screw etc with all necessary hardware’s.

Note: Casement Shutter available at extra charge of NRs 5000 only.




  • Perfect Insulation: keeps the cold out and the warmth in during winter and vice versa in the summer, ultimate in insulation, safe on   heating and cooling bills.
  • Highly hygienic: keeps dust, polling, wind and bacteria out while closed
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Superb safety with highly advanced multi point locking systems all around
  • Windows are made to size, excellent when replacing windows etc
  • Wood look alike with real feeling grain’
  • Modern UPVC is not affected by wind, dust particles, sun UV and other natural elements
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy operation
  • Integral lift rails, interlocks and weather-stripping pocket,
  • Environmently friendly
  • Cheap & Best

UPVC Roofings

The excellent quality of UPVC roofing sheet is ensured by using high-quality materials,high-tech durability formula,and the whole set of imported tri-ply co-extruded compound foamed equipment.

Key Features of UPVC Roofing Sheet:

  • Super heat and sound insulation.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Water-proof.
  • Easy to install.
    • Outstanding sound and heat insulation.
    • Acid and alkali resistance:Foam UPVC roof tile has extra anti-corrosion capacity.
    • Light weight: 4.0kg/m2, 5.0kg/m2, 6.0kg/m2.
    • 100% water resistance.
    • Fire resistance: B1 grade.
    • Excellent anti-impact capacity.
    • Weather resistant:the UV agent mixing in the corrugated sheet,which can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray.
    • Environment protection: it does not contain asbestos with no carcinogen released.
    • Beauty: UPVC roof tile has rich and bright colors,The regular colors are Black ,Red,White,Beige,Green,Blue,Grey,Brick Red.
    • Easy to drill,saw and install,available proportion is up to 95%.

आधुनिक समयमा काठपातबाट मात्रै झ्याल ढोका निर्माण हुन्छ भन्ने मानसिकता हटाउनु पर्छ । पहिलो कुरा त अधिक काठपातको प्रयोगले वातावरणीय असन्तुलन कायम हुने विज्ञहरुको भनाइ छ ।

वैकल्पिक उपायको रुपमा रहेको युपिभिसीको लाइफ ग्यारेन्टी हुन्छ । तर काठका झ्याल ढोकामा ४\५ वर्ष पछि नै किरा लाग्ने सम्भावना धेरै हुन्छ । काठका उत्पादन पसाङ्गिन पनि सक्छ ।

त्यस्तै काठमा विशेष गरी रङरोगन तथा डिजाइनमा समय लाग्छ । तर, युपिभिसीमा न किरा लाग्ने डर हुन्छ, न पसाङ्गिने डर ।


त्यस्तै युपिभिसीलाई एकपटक प्रयोग गरेपछि मेन्टिनेन्स गरिरहनु पर्ने झन्झट हुँदैन । रङ्रोगनको भन्झटबाट पनि मुक्त हुने हुदाँ त्यसको प्रयोग बढ्दै गएको व्यवसायीहरु बताउँछन् । युपिभिसीका उत्पादनलाई डिजाइन गर्न धेरै समय लाग्दैन ।

क्षमादेवी ग्रुपका अध्यक्ष तथा युपिभिसी उत्पादक राजकुमार बस्नेतका अनुसार अर्डर गरेको एक देखि दुई हप्ता भित्र युपिभिसीका झ्याल, ढोका तथा खापा तयार हुने गर्छ । त्यस्तै फिट गर्न तथा डिजाइन तयार गर्न पनि समय नलाग्ने अध्यक्ष बस्नेतले बताए ।

काठ भन्दा ६० प्रतिशत सस्तो

युपिभिसी डोर्स, झ्याल तथा खापाहरु काठका उत्पादन भन्दा ६० प्रतिशतले सस्तो पर्छ । अहिले काठको १५ सय देखि दुइ हजार रुपियाँ प्रति स्वायर फिट पर्छ तर युपिभिसीको डिजाइन अनुसार ५ सय देखि ७ सयसम्म प्रति स्वायर फिट पर्ने गर्छ ।

तयार गर्न समय लाग्ने र डिजाइन तथा रङ्रोगनमा धेरै समय खपत हुन्छ । अझ काठको उत्पादन तयार गर्न धेरै प्रक्रिया पूरा गर्नुपर्ने भएकाले पनि काठका उत्पादन महङ्गो हुने गरेको हो ।

भुकम्प प्रतिरोधी

युपिभिसीका उत्पादनलाई भुकम्प प्रतिरोधी मानिन्छ । प्राधिकका अनुसार युपिभिसीको बाक्लोपन उच्च भुकम्प प्रतिरोधी हुन्छ । युपिभिसीको भित्रिभागमा फलामे डण्डीको समेत प्रयोग गरिएको हुन्छ ।

आगलागीबाट मुक्ति

प्लाष्टिकबाट बनेको भन्ने बित्तिकै हामी आगोलागी भैहाल्छ भन्ने आममानिसको बुझाइ छ । तर, युपिभिसीको झ्याल तथा ढोकामा आगलागी हुने कुनै सम्भावना नै रहदैन ।

‘युपिभिसीमा प्लास्टिकको जल्ने भाग पहिल्यै रिफाईन गरिएको हुन्छ’ युपिभिसी प्राविधिक रुवेश घोरासाइने भन्छन्, ‘आगो लागि भै हाल्यो भने पनि युपिभिसीका झ्यालढोका डल्लो पर्छ,तर आगो भने सल्किन्न ।’

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