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Nepali furniture market has been increased  by 20% every year .Appartment & housings. projects has led to increase foreign brands,

50% market is covered by imported furniture,& 50 % is covered by locan furniture.At present local manufecturer are also maintaining international style ,design  & best outlook.Domestic manufecturers are faceing many  problems like;power cut,finding technician.& raw materials.

“Furniture in modern designs has given momentum to the domestic furniture market, which is largely dominated by imported products. “Until a few years ago, imported furniture used to account for 85 percent of the furniture market. Now domestic furniture commands 40 percent of the total furniture sales in the country.”

According to the association, the domestic furniture market is estimated to be worth Rs 25 billion annually and growing at the rate of 10 percent.

“People are spending more and more money on interior decor these days, and they want to furnish their homes with durable and comfortable furniture as per the space available. This is the major reason behind the surge in the domestic furniture business,” said Ashok Shah, managing director of Muskan Interior.


Round bed costing Rs 60,000. “The round bed design is new in Nepal, and it has gained popularity in the market.

There are few selected furniture importers having big show rooms in Kathmandu,some local manufecturer have also maintain & compete with imported in quality,pricing,design & look.

Furniture Land,Index Furniture,Bira Furniture,Best interior,Akhil Trading,S.B furniture are some of big importers & outlets

,Similarly,Sun shine Furniture,The good will Furnitur Home Makers,Ultimate Decor are able to manufecture in international standard & look &  design .The cost of Local quality furniture is about 30% cheaper.


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