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                            In today’s context, decorating our home office and places is one of the major concerned to the people. Apart from that the major challenge is to find out the such store or places where we can find out all the furnishing item such as curtain Sofa, Carpet, Shaggy, Blinds and many more.

                            Again in country like Nepal it is too difficult to find out the such places. In Nepal, the idea of decorating their home, office and other places at initial stage. The concept is at developing stage only. The major market of furnishing stores in Nepal is Kathmandu.


                             As I work now is one of the leading furnishing store in Nepal. So, according to my knowledge & experience, I have listed below the major furnishing store in Kathmandu.


                          Furnishing Stores in Nepal

Companies Contact No.
Kunal Furnishing, Jawalakhel, Lailipur 01-5546386/87
Durian Furnishing, Kumaripati, Lalitpur 01-5542440, 5524559
L A Decor, Putalisadak 01-4770540
Madan Furnishing, Kupondole 5523236
Prime Furnishing, Kupondol 5011692
Divine Decor, Kamladi 01-4225688, 4222208
Ambience, Baneshwor 01- 4078107
Emporious Furnishing, Teku 01- 4104522/ 23/ 24
Anand Furnishing, Teku 01-4241760
Star Decor, Teku 01- 423924
Home Pro, Pulchowk 01- 5535314
Dreams Furnishing, Teku 01- 4432020

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