Uses of MDF Board-solidwood and plywood



MDF is made by breaking down hardwood product softwood residuals into wood fibre combining with wax and resign binder and formed into panel by applying high pressure .It is more dense than ply


It used in indoor area .It is due  moisture proof not a waterproofresitance can be used in furniture such cabinet ,it is a cheaper than plywood,it canot used in heavy is locked by metal screw not a wood screw.

Solid wood,ply wood,cement board,gypsum board are similar interior materior can be used as required.

Marine plywood :is a strongest and toughest of plywood .which bonded with high quality glue as .

Solidwoodis a lumber that has been miled directly from trees.others like plywood,mdf,vaneers,are manufectured from wood composites. This wood are used in best furniture and floorings

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