Nepalese pottrey 2600 years history


Pottery has a long history in Nepali culture. This skill have been passed from generation as a occupation of pottrey in Thimi and bhaktapur in Prajati family.

The oldest recorded finds in Lumbini date back at least 2600 years.

Mahaboudha Temple at Mahaboudha ,Lalitpur is made by Thousand bricks every brick is crafted boudha ,made in same period.

The large ceramic water pots can be found in almost every village in Nepal which are used to collect, store and transport water. These vessels also keep water cool. Clay goods are also essential to many Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies. During pujas small ceramic cups are used to hold candles and butter lamps. Traditional Newari rice wine called aila is made using a special ceramic set-up crafted just for distilling rice or millet alcohol: several clay containers of various sizes are used in conjunction with a large ceramic vessel with holes punced in the bottom. Without this special holed vessel the creation of potent aila would not be possible.

Water vessel,flower pot,plates,tea pot,diffirent animal sculpulture ,table,mugs,bells,Buddha and hindu deities,


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