Cost of Building a House in Kathmandu

 cost of building a house in Nepal

 cost of building a house in Nepal

cost Strats from Rs Rs:2200/per Sq feet for Pre fab house constructions

Rs 4000 for concrette building per sq feet ( Rs 35 lakh for one story/70 lakh  for two half story with finishing & with compound wall)

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Those who are building houses should have knowledge about construction mapping and its process, house design, essential construction materials and their quantity, quality of construction materials and their market prices.

According to entrepreneurs, for first floor cost will be approx 37oo/per sq feet ,for 2.5 story house construction  costs will be Rs 3000/ per sq feet , which is very popular in Kathmandu, costs  Rs. 67 to ... Lakhs and such house have 8-10 rooms.

However pre fab house averege Rs 16  lakh for one   story 700 sq feet, if you need all complete ,cost will be Rs 2250 per sq feet ,However, the total expenditure may also exceed as per the house design. Entrepreneurs said that building a traditional house with traditional doors and windows increases the total cost. One storey building costs starts from Rs. 35 Lakhs 4 rooms while 2 ½ half storey house costs starts from Rs up-to 70 Lakhs. Above cost includes intitial to final finishing ( electrical,marble,tile,parqueting,false ceiling ,plumbing even painting and compound wall and main gate )


"Laying the foundation stone increases the construction cost but one should not compromise on the high expenditure while building the ground floor," Entrepreneur Timilsina said and added that construction cost gradually decreases once we complete building the ground floor." He also said that the construction prices have gone high due to the construction standards as prescribed by the government. Entrepreneurs have claimed that government's move to prescribe such standards is apt in view of human safety.        


 construction costs may alter on various factors including places,Road access, weather and designs, materials ,interior works where you need to hire workers to carry construction material to the site. Experts have also suggested paying attention to whether there are paths for emergency vehicles (fire brigades and ambulances) to your house if you are buying houses in capital

Approx Materials and wages:for 2.5 story

.Brick:50000:Rs 800000/

.Sand:14 tipper:Rs 500000/

.Cement: 1200 packs:Rs950000/

Concrette:9 tripper:Rs 250000/

.Rod: 13ton:Rs 1300000/

.Paint: Rs 500000/

.Plumbing with wages:Rs 500000/

.Chaukash and door:500000/

.alumunium Window:500000/

Taps and fittings:Rs 400000/

Marble and tiles:Rs 600000/

Electrical and wages:Rs200000/Map and Nagarpalika: 325000/

Anya:Rs 200000/

wages:Rs 2000000/

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