Wall Papers for room decor


Decor your room wall with papers design


cost starts from Rs 40 per sq feet with install for inquiry :9869420756

When you think  about your newly built room decoration lot of ideas and creation come across our mind such as curtains, carpets, furniture, color combinations, flooring, wallpapers, lighting etc. Think about wall decoration instead of lead  paint  that is wallpapers only.

wallpaper in room gives you the pleasant feelings. It enhances your style of living too. Having the wallpaper in Bed rooms, living rooms, dinning draws the attention of every individual passes by. Wallpapers are mainly made from vinyl, paper and cloth. But in context of Nepal only paper made wallpapers are available in market. Modern and elegant wallpapers can be a treat to eyes as it adds beauty to walls of any room of a home. Wallpapers are the colorful designed papers or patterns made on paper, used to paste on walls to give new & elegant look & make the room beautiful. Wallpapers are also durable and long lasting. The wallpapers are 21 inch wide and 10 meter long in terms of size and covers the area of 50 Wallpapers are simply the designed papers with the plastic coated from the outside. In absence of moistures, wallpapers can last up to 10-15 years. Wallpapers are imported mainly from India, China, Thailand

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