Cost of Building a House in Kathmandu

Do you want to construct a beautiful house in Kathmandu?

The season is favorable for construction. One should pay attention to even small details in order to avoid high expenses and to prevent human causalities in case of disasters.

Entrepreneurs said that constructions of houses have gradually started following the Gorkha earthquake of 2015. Santosh Dhakal of Kapan Siddha Baba Enterprises said that the earthquake has also made us aware about constructing quake resilient houses.

Those who are building houses should have knowledge about construction mapping and its process, house design, essential construction materials and their quantity, quality of construction materials and their market prices.

Experts have said that one needs to analyze total expenditure from mapping process to painting the house which helps them from being cheated. Most people who hand over all the construction works to contractors are often found cheated.

Dhakal told Setopati, “Nowadays people visit us to get information about building quake resilient designs without comprising on costs.” Earlier they just come to know about constructing house on low expenses.

According to entrepreneurs, constructing 2-storey house, which is very popular in Kathmandu, costs up to Rs. 60 to 70 lakhs and such house have 7 to 8 rooms.  However, the total expenditure may also exceed as per the house design.

Entrepreneurs said that building a traditional house with traditional doors and windows increases the total cost.

One storey building costs up to Rs. 30-35 lakh while 2 and a half storey house costs up to Rs 60 to 70 lakh.  Similarly, building a five-storey building costs around Rs one crore.

“Laying the foundation stone increases the construction cost but one should not comprise on the high expenditure while building the ground floor,” Entrepreneur Timilsina said and added that construction cost gradually decreases once we complete building the ground floor.

He also said that the construction prices have gone high due to the construction standards as prescribed by the government. Entrepreneurs have claimed that government’s move to prescribe such standards is apt in view of human safety.

Construction materials Quantity Price
Pebble/stones 8 tippers 200,000
Sand 13 tippers 3,25,000
Cement 1100 sacks 8,25,000
Bricks 50, 000 pc 7, 50, 000
Rod 12 tons 9, 00,000
Plumbing (with labor wage) As per  requirement 3, 50,000
Wooden frames of windows and doors As per  requirement 2, 50, 000
Aluminum windows As per  requirement 1, 75, 000
Grills and rods in windows and stair case As per  requirement 3, 00, 000
Pipes, door locks, keys As per  requirement 1, 75, 000
Paint As per  requirement 2, 50, 000
Kitchen, bathroom marbles 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens 2, 00, 000
Wage for constructing house            – 12, 00,000
Electricity materials (with wage) As per  requirement 1, 50, 000
Mapping designs         – 50, 000
Municipality  charges         – 50, 000
Well As per  requirement 35, 000
Others As per requirement 2, 00, 000
Total        – 63, 85, 000

A chart that shows approximate total expenditure to build two and a half storey house in Kathmandu.

Entrepreneurs said that construction costs may alter on various factors including places, weather and designs, among others. Similarly, construction price may also go up if you are building house in Asan, Indrachowk, Patan and other narrow places where you need to hire workers to carry construction material to the site.

Experts have also suggested paying attention to whether there are paths for emergency vehicles (fire brigades and ambulances) to your house if you are buying houses in capital.

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