Cost of prefricated house in Nepal


Pre fabricated house is known as earthquake resistant house.It is more cheaper and strongest with  50 years guaranteed than concrette house.It costs starts fromRS 195o  per sq feetwith general DPClevel + upto 3 feet Bricks Wall  with finishing,It has more  resale value,it is more flexible,easy to build in short time,fire and sound proof.for information 9851110960



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A prefabricated structure, is a structure which has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. They are sometimes referred to as factory-made or modular structures, although there are some notable differences. In a prefab structure, components are made in house and transported in a flat-pack form lowering logistical costs, whereas modular homes have entire sections of the given structure built off site. By opting for Prefab; human error, waste, time, energy  & costs are significantly reduced allowing for efficient construction.

After Great earth quake in Nepal in 2015 most of the constructions ,like, home ,shelter,factort,&many outlets are are constructed by prefab system.

Main Feature

  • It  is earth quake resistant,
  • Cost effective
  • energy savings
  • 50 years guarantee,
  •  fire ,water ,wheather, proof,
  • material can be re-used
  • ,reselling Value.
  • Fast to construct.
  • Good Looking
  • , easy to  re-locate upto 5 times
  • comfoetable
  • durable
  • Relatmaterials
  • upvc or alumunium window/door
  • For ceiling gypsum or cement board,
  • steel or metal strusture
  • for roofing:galvanised sheet or upvc ,or whatever you like
  • cost:Rs950 to 3500 per sq feet


  • Lightweight: 650kg/m3, just one third of the brick building.
  • ECO-friendly: Energy saving, non-toxic, recommended by government.
  • Fast installation: 5 times faster than traditional brick installation.
  • Labor cost saving: fewer workers, and build more fast.
  • Warm preservation: adjust indoor temperature at a constant range.
  • Fire proof: 4 hours against of 1000 ℃ high temperature.
  • Anti-seismic: earthquake resistance can reach to 8 magnitudes.
  • Long life-span: More than 70 years.
  • Water-proof and damp resistant.
  • Sound insulation and absorption

Many company makes prefab homes .But user must be careful  for quality,materials

skilled craftmanship & pricing .,so you should contact with Genuine company only,

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