Leading construction company in Nepal


Find the leading  construction company in Nepal.

.Hirachan Construction:9851036014 Rabi shingh

.Raman Construction

.Kalika Construction

Arniko Nirman Sewa 

Bk shretha & Builders

CE construction

Chitwon Coe 

.Swanchhanda Nirman company

.Samanantar Nirman

.Sharma & Company

.Nepal AdrashaNirman Company

.Himalayan Builders

.BK shrestha Builders

.Orbit Construction

.Tundi construction

.Lama construction

.gorkha Construction

.ANK Construction

.Gajurmukhi Construction:014786287,4785903

.Medha Builders

.Ashis Nirman sewa

.Rainbow Construction Co.

.Samar Group

.KSNS co.

.Shretha construction

.G.A Builders.CE construction

.Kancharam construction

.Paramount Construction

Surya Construction

Paradise Construction

-HC group Nepal

Tulsi Bhakta Construction

Khani Nirman sewa

Shree Bhagat Construction: 014100607

Gauri Parbati Construction:014286548,4286861

kancharam construction:014463068

Khadka Nirman Sewa:081403026

-Sabira Construction:9841378937,9841176708

Rising construction:01520489,9849959976

Himal hydro general construction:

BKOI Buiders:014428769

-RB construction:014374474,014372779

Shailung construction:015230389,5573017

KD construction:061550243

.Waiba Infrasture

.A.M Construction:9851025130

.Akel construction:9851026792,9851122723

.Amar Construction:9851025353

.Amrit Nirman Sewa:9851025713

.Baglamukhi construction:9851063600


.Everest nirman:9851024235

gokarna Nirman:9851021258

.Gorkha Construction:98511251

.Gouriparvati Nirman:9851044390

.Habitat Construction:9851039614

.High Himalaya Hydropower:9851054959

.Him dhung & Thokar Construction:9851069771

.Kankai International:9851067549

.krishna construction & Eng.:9851121604

.Lama Construction:9851023944

.Laxmi shrestha co;9851026918

.Laxmi saraswati nirman>9856035728

.M,A construction:9851026244

;M.B construction:9851023196

,m.K Nirman sewa:9851110585

.Mudhbhary &Joshi:014241182,4231513

.Nepal Pragati Nirman:9841396962

.New Everest construction:9851021705

.P.S construction:9851047057

.Pacific Builders:985110935

.Prera Nirman:9851079130

.Prithivi Nepal construction:014387688

.Prithivi engineering & Builders:9851082453

.R.J construction:9851044181,4390685

.Rabina construction;9851021241

.Ramechap sherpa construction:9851084127,015178160

.Rasuwa construction?9851115787,4354367

.Ranipauwa Nirman:9851032683

.Rayamajhi Construction:9851021864

.Shrestha construction:9851063600

.Salisa construction:9811880881

.Pawan engineering:9851023395

.Shailung group;5230389

.Friends Construction:014109612,98510656504

.Golden good Sherpa co.:9801139986,014107909

.National estate Builders:014280918,4279761

.Road and Building Co.:9851021294,014374474

.Structen Construction:9841470208




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