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Cost & Space Effetive

-Easy to install

-Elegant in  Look & design

Easy to assemble & transfer & flexible

-Avaible in many quality,Design,& colour & look

Difficult  to find best quality suppliers .Find best suppliers in


Modular kitchen design

you can have stylish modular kitchen design in Nepal.
The most organized space and storage consumption, functionality, durability and stylish layout is here for you
Not all modern kitchen design in Nepal is expensive, ask for economical modular kitchen supplies and models; you shall be able to enjoy the modern way of cooking in the perfect layout and vibrancy in Nepal. These kitchen designs are getting popular among Nepalese people, for it has no more remained a symbol of luxury, as lots of economical modern kitchen models are available in the country. Gone are the days of noisy kitchen, with monotonous color and layout; bring your inspiration into this perfect creativity to cherish the boon of technology, architecture, and home décor experts.
With its optimum utilization of the available space and aesthetic looks, lots of people are found to be shifting towards latest modular kitchen design in Nepal. The lifestyle of people is changing, and they are preferring the customized designs, and the most exquisite layouts for their kitchens. Though the design differs as per the cooking habits, number of family members in the family, available kitchen space, lifestyle, and personal preferences of the customers, you shall get the best modular kitchen design in Nepal to perfectly suit with your expectations and requirements. The cost of modular kitchen design depends upon the material you choose. You shall get to choose from wide range of different materials.
PU lacquered, acrylic, lacquered glass, European laminate, veneer, marble and plywood are some of the materials used for design which influences the modular kitchen design cost. Want to know the gross figure of the cost such design might be of? Well, as said before, since the cost of the designs differs as per your choice and preferences, the cheap modular kitchen design might be somewhere around Rs.1,50,000. Such model includes granite counter tops, working space, stove, chimney, sink, and cabinets. Most of the suppliers of the modular designers offer after sales warranty, you might not have to worry a lot about repair and maintenance.
PU lacquered and glorious glass modular kitchen uses hydraulic system for drawers, built in dishwasher, and is in purple and white PU lacquered. It is focused on maximum utilization of corners and areas under sink. If you want to know about the rate of modular kitchen in such model, then let us inform you that it is somewhere around Rs.1.4 million. Laminate modular kitchen uses waterproof plywood, matte and high gloss laminate, numerous drawers, cabinet at the corner, and uses maximum space for kitchen utensils and storages. It is one of the low cost modular kitchen designs whose price ranges somewhere around Rs.5,00,000.
Now, the dream of perfectly modern, functional, and colorful modular kitchen design in Nepal is really possible in the best rate of modular kitchen. You shall find lots of modular kitchen supplies in Nepal distributed by several suppliers, even offering after-sale services, fulfilling your kitchen layout preference and requirement.



lifestyle of Todays people are gradually shifting to modular kitchens for their elegant looks, maximum utilisation of available space, customised design and overall utility. Available in various material and design choices modular kitchens are stealing the hearts of many and growing very popular. However, traders stated that the demand for the such products have slowed down after the earthquake owing to halt in the real estate sector.


The price of modular kitchens depends upon chosen material. Modular kitchens are available in various material such as PU lacquered, lacquered glass, acrylic, veneer, European laminate, plywood and marble.


This modular island kitchen is trending these days. Designed in purple and white PU lacquered and glorious glass, the cabinet allures every one. Use of hydraulic system in drawers makes it easy to open and close to take out things. This kitchen is designed for maximum use of corners and below sink area. It has a built in dishwasher and accesorised by SS304 grade products that will not get rusted. It costs around Rs 1.4 million.PU lacquered and glorious glass modular kitchen


PU lacquered and veneer modular kitchen

This kitchen combines PU lacquered and veneer for a different look. Veneer top cabinet and breakfast counter just complements the off white lacquered kitchen area with tall cabinet. It has in built microwave and oven space. This kitchen has an island cooking area with soft close drawers. It costs around Rs 1.5 million.


Laminate modular kitchen Made up of Nepali laminate using waterproof plywood, this kitchen is affordable. Matte and high gloss laminate combines well in this kitchen. Use of maximum drawers along with side corners of the cabinet utilises space to the maximum for storing and keeping kitchen utensil

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