constructions equipments suppliers and repairs in Nepal


In Nepal ,the most usable constructions equipments are avaible easily with genuine suppliers,importers and manufectures ,The ranges are  Concrete Mixer machine,batching plant,crusher machine, vibrators,Tamping Rammer(Monkey Jumper), Mixture Machine with Mechanical Hopper and lift, Concrete Mixture Machine with Hydraulic Hopper and Lift, hydroconstructions equipments,drilling equipments, asphalt machines,concrete processing machine,pre-bar processing,compact machine,pavers,rollers,lab equipments,props,materials handlings,shuttlerings and scaffolding,

The suppliers and manufecturers offering best price with genuine parts and maintance.

.These machines and equipment are based on latest technology and give excellent performance during operation.

the best Dealers:

.Shiva Shakti Machinery work,( for concrete Mixer machine  )

.Anamole Engineering for Crusher machine supply and setup

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