Wall putty importance and features

ACC Wall Puttty (Cement Base)

ACC Wall Putty(Cement Base)


Wall Putty is water based, fine powder that gives the smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints. Using  wall putty, you can prevent the flaking of your expensive paints ruining your most beautiful looking walls. It is specially formulated to be used as base coat to cover up uneven surfaces of cement plastered walls and concrete surfaces for exteriors and interiors.


It is ideal base for concrete, cement plastered walls and ceiling. It can be used in both interior and exterior surface that fills all the pin holes and pores of plaster surface.


- Water repelling properties - Provides smooth finish for further application - Durable and better adhesive strength - Minimize the problem associated with porosity difference.


Pack Size Practical Coverage No. of Coats Finish
Available pack sizes are 20 Kg & 40 Kg The spreading capacity of this product will vary considerably according to the roughness and porosity of the surface. On smooth of average porosity 18-20m2 /Ltr./coat. Apply two coat of Acc wall putty. Matt Finish

Application Details

Recommended Tools


Cleaning Up

Clean all the equipment with clean and soapy water after use

Drying Time

HD: 12–14 Hours SD: 2-3 HoursDrying times may vary depending on temperature, humidity, air movements and film thickness

Surface Preparation

Ensure that the new or previously painted surface is clean and free from grease, dust or any loose paints. Make sure that surface is just wet but not over-wet. If there is problem on the plastered surface due to salty water or salt in sand, it should be treated with mild acid before the application of ACC wall putty else wall putty will not stick to the wall and problem of flake may arise. After 30 minutes of treating the surface with mild acid, wash the surface thoroughly so that no acid remain on the walls.

Application Instructions

-Stir the container well before use. -Allow the surface to dry completely after washing it thoroughly. Now the surface will be ready for ACC wall putty to be applied. -Apply ACC wall putty on large holes and cracks to cover it in the ration of 2:1 and allow it to dry. - Sprinkle water over the ACC wall putty applied surfaces for few days to get the better result.

Storage and Handling

Storage Flash Point Stability of Thinned Paint Shelf Life Brand
Available pack sizes are 20 Kg & 40 Kg Store the tightly closed container in a secure upright position in a cool, dry place. Non-flammable Use within 18 hours 2 years from the date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from excessive heat. Acc wall putty,Asian wall putty are major best wall putty in Nepal

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