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A prefabricated structure, is a structure which has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. They are sometimes referred to as factory-made or modular structures, although there are some notable differences. In a prefab structure, components are made in house and transported in a flat-pack form lowering logistical costs, whereas modular homes have entire sections of the given structure built off site. By opting for Prefab; human error, waste, time, energy  & costs are significantly reduced allowing for efficient construction.

After Great earth quake in Nepal in 2015 most of the constructions ,like, home ,shelter,factort,&many outlets are are constructed by prefab system.

  • It  is earth quake resistant,
  • Cost effective
  • energy savings
  • 20 years guarantee,
  •  fire ,water ,wheather, proof,
  • material can be re-used
  • ,reselling Value.
  • Fast to construct.
  • Good Looking
  • , easy to  re-locate upto 5 times
  • comfoetable
  • durable
  • Relatmaterials
  • upvc or alumunium window/door
  • For ceiling gypsum or cement board,
  • steel or metal strusture
  • for roofing:galvanised sheet or upvc ,or whatever you like
  • cost:Rs950 to 3500 per sq feet


  • Lightweight: 650kg/m3, just one third of the brick building.
  • ECO-friendly: Energy saving, non-toxic, recommended by government.
  • Fast installation: 5 times faster than traditional brick installation.
  • Labor cost saving: fewer workers, and build more fast.
  • Warm preservation: adjust indoor temperature at a constant range.
  • Fire proof: 4 hours against of 1000 ℃ high temperature.
  • Anti-seismic: earthquake resistance can reach to 8 magnitudes.
  • Long life-span: More than 70 years.
  • Water-proof and damp resistant.
  • Sound insulation and absorption

Many company makes prefab homes .But user must be careful  for quality,materials

skilled craftmanship & pricing .,so you should contact with Genuine company only,

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