Gandaki transmission corridor construction work started savastesana

Mountains, Myagdi and Mustang, the electricity produced by hydro power project construction of national pride national transmission line transmission corridor Gandaki project has been started.

Ayojanakoe 2 hundred and 20 kV Mount Khurkot Myagdi danakhandako sanivaradekhi work has started. ÷ 33 ÷ 132 kV project, the mountain khurkotasthita savastesanako construction 220 to formally start the project said. Mount Kusma savastesanako municipality to be established in the mountains -4 Khurkot Chief District Officer NEA Marasini are the foundation.

The project started construction of transmission corridor danakhanda 3 9 km long mountain Khurkot Myagdi will. For the construction of electricity transmission lines and savastesana. Two billion will be spent 60 million project chief candanakumara Ghosh said. The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank Gandaki broadcast corridor highway, kusmakhandako work to be completed by the beginning of the month is 28. The designated time to complete its work by the beginning of construction work, major Ghosh said. The project highway, DANA transmission line and highway and the Indian company Tata Projects End Grain savastesanako contract work has taken Histological electric tariff. Project and contractor BS May 17 agreement was .2073. BS. August 2075 aimed to complete the project Myagdi and Mustang construction of hydropower project in northern region of central transmission line grid electricity produced. Khurkot danasamma 1 hundred and 10 towers remain.

The 14 MW capacity under construction in Myagdi thapakhola, ghalemdikhola four MW, 42 MW and 40 MW under construction in mistrikhola rahughatalagayata dozens of construction projects are phase. Seeds for the construction of substation hundred and Khurkot 1 hundred 56 ropanis land acquisition has also savastesanaka said Nawalparasi for land acquisition project has major Ghosh said.

Khurkot Mountains, Syangja, Palpa and rupandehisammako transmission line to begin the process of land acquisition, he said. Kali Gandaki river hydro transmission corridor projects supporting the development of Kali Gandaki and is expected to play an important role. RSS

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