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Hardwares items suppliers

Find :best suppliers for cements,iron bar,iron&  steel items,door fittings,fasteners,pipes,pipes fittings,water tanks,

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Bathwares , Sanitarywares /Tiles/Marbles

Find:Leading Bathwares,Sanitarywares & tiles,marbles,cement tiles & products,cp fittings

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Paints Suppliers

Find leading suppliers for Asian paints,pash pati paints ,other paints & paint accessory

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Ply /door/boards & Fittings

Find suppliers ,Importers& Manufecturers for ply,bord,sheet, Doors(wood,Alumunium,Flush,Upvc,)& fittings

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Building Finishing/Decorating Materials

Find leading cornice ,paris of plasters,wall papers,paints,& decorating items

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Electrical items suppliers

Find all kinds of  electricals items & Appliances  suppliers,importers,manufecturers & fitters

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Heavy Equipments/Parts/Repairs

Find suppliers for all branded heavy  equipments /Parts/repairs

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Machinery & Tools/constructions equipments

Find suppliers & importers of constructions  machinery ,other machinery ,hand & powers tools,Generators,Air compressors,Boilers,Water pumps,...


constructions /water proofing Chemicals

Find best suppliers & importers for construction & waterproffing Chemicala,cement adhesive,tile adhesives ,wallfill,


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Constructions Materials

Find suppliers,Manufecturers for :Bricks,Sands,Concrette,ready mixed concrete Stones,Gravels,

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Floorings & Furnishings

Find leading floorings & furnishings outlets,parquetings items,curtains,wall papers,

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Furnitures & wood carvings

Find Importers ,suppliers & manufecturers for wooden,iron & steel,wroght iron,Fibre glass,plastics,


Electronics & Home Appliances

Find importers & suppliers for all types & branded home & electrinics Appliances

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