Uses of MDF Board-solidwood and plywood

Uses of MDF Board-solidwood and plywood



MDF is made by breaking down hardwood product softwood residuals into wood fibre combining with wax and resign binder and formed into panel by applying high pressure .It is more dense than ply


It used in indoor area .It is due  moisture proof not a waterproofresitance can be used in furniture such cabinet ,it is a cheaper than plywood,it canot used in heavy is locked by metal screw not a wood screw.

Solid wood,ply wood,cement board,gypsum board are similar interior materior can be used as required.

Marine plywood :is a strongest and toughest of plywood .which bonded with high quality glue as .

Solidwoodis a lumber that has been miled directly from trees.others like plywood,mdf,vaneers,are manufectured from wood composites. This wood are used in best furniture and floorings

August 12, 2020 |

Stone for Garden and out door


If you are decorating your garden and out door area stone slab is a best sollution compiring with mosaic tile and others in cost and durability with looks.It cost approx Rs 200/per sq feet with fittings

for info 9869420756

July 11, 2020 |

chinese bricks market



chinese bricks ( 9851110960 )are getting popularity in Nepal constructions projects because of its good looking and strongest ,accurate in size.many  industries are in operation in Dharding and Bharatpr of best is  chinese bricks p ltd ,Bharatpur  owned by chinese 9851110960 for sample and order ,their price is also resonable than others.They are charging just  Rs 11.90 +Transport according area distance .


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House cost in just Rs 3000/per.sq.feet .




RS 36 lakh for one story,66 lakh for 2,5 story


Are you planning to built a new standard ,strong,& best look,architecturely designed house ? without  providing your valuable time & effort in very reasonable cost in tension free enviornment.Remember   purely managed & operated by young engineering team in Nepal.

The cost for full general  finished home  for first floor cost just Rs;3800  /per sq.feet for first floor 3000/ for second and third .It is a  just ready to shift.takes entirely responsive starting to end ,house map drawing to final map registration certificate from concerned dept.

This ccost is very reasonable as we calculate the cost of latest constructions materials  & labour wages.

Mostly local contractors ,they just built ,a house owner should manage themselves entire  constructions materials,& should find  seperate contractors like:finding painter.plumbers,electricians ,carpenter,marble fixer,floorings,kitchen fafricators,alumunium & iron fabfricators ..etc Which are unlimited tensionable & time consuming.

According experiance of Vijaya sharma -chief operation officer of cnstructed by MERO GHAR is cheaper,stronger,better,& well designed.

The full finished cost for 800 sq.feet is Rs 40laks only.It means in general four  rooms .The  cost  includes:Kitchen,toilets,bharyang,bed rooms,bathrooms,dining hall,For two and half story cost Rs 90 laks,

if any inquiry  or work 9851110960 Ganesh Khadka



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