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.Hirachan Construction:9851036014 Rabi shingh

.Raman Construction

.Kalika Construction

.Swanchhanda Nirman company

.Samanantar Nirman

.Sharma & Company

.Nepal AdrashaNirman Company

.Himalayan Builders

.BK shrestha Builders

.Orbit Construction

.Tundi construction

.Lama construction

.gorkha Construction

.ANK Construction

.Gajurmukhi Construction:014786287,4785903

.Medha Builders

.Ashis Nirman sewa

.Rainbow Construction Co.

.Samar Group

.KSNS co.

.Shretha construction

.G.A Builders.CE construction

.Kancharam construction

.Paramount Construction

Surya Construction

Paradise Construction

-HC group Nepal

Tulsi Bhakta Construction

Khani Nirman sewa

Shree Bhagat Construction: 014100607

Gauri Parbati Construction:014286548,4286861

kancharam construction:014463068

Khadka Nirman Sewa:081403026

-Sabira Construction:9841378937,9841176708

Rising construction:01520489,9849959976

Himal hydro general construction:

BKOI Buiders:014428769

-RB construction:014374474,014372779

Shailung construction:015230389,5573017

KD construction:061550243

.Waiba Infrasture

.A.M Construction:9851025130

.Amar Construction:9851025353

.Amrit Nirman Sewa:9851025713

.Arniko Nirman sewa:9851021982

.Atlas Engineering :9851057050

Bandan Bhawawoti Nirman:9841380222

.Baglamukhi construction:9851063600

.Bhairab Construction;9851032847

.Bishnu & Pakauda construction:9842024810

Bindabashini Infractructure:9851128656

Bokhim & Sons:9852024831

Chitwan Coe :9851120604,9801035100


.Dhuluchu Construction:9851047250

. Elite Construction:9851021817

.Everest nirman:9851024235

.Ganapati Group:9857831000

.G.M construction:9851021020

.Gaura Construction:9851053795

gokarna Nirman:9851021258

.Gorkha Construction:9851125100

.H.T.C Construction:9851083175

.Gouriparvati Nirman:9851044390

.Habitat Construction:9851063487

.High Himalaya Hydropower:9851054959

.Him dhung & Thokar Construction:9851069771

.Indreni Builders:9851020684

.Kankai International:9851067549

.Khani Nirman:9851130345

.Kumar Shrestha Nirman:9801095048

.Lama Construction:9851023944

.Laxmi shrestha co;9851026918

.M,A construction:9851026244

;M.B construction:9851023196

,m.K Nirman sewa:9851110585

.Meghatech Htdro construction:9851163167

.nagurjun construction:9848743910

.Narendra Nirman:9851024279

.Nepal Pragati Nirman:9841396962

.Nepal singha construction:9851039892

.New Everest construction:9851021705

.P.S construction:9851047057

.Pacific Builders:9851109353

.Pashupati Nirman:9851002197

.Prera Nirman:9851079130

.Prithivi Nepal construction:9851012414

.Prithivi engineering & Builders:9851082453

.Promt Construction:9851045358

.R.J construction:9851044181

.Ramechap sherpa construction:9851084127

.Ranipauwa Nirman:9851032683

.Rayamajhi Construction:9851021864

.Sagar Construction:9861187685

.sagarmatha Nirman sewa:9851079123

.Santosh Nirman:9851025258

.Shah engineering:9813360877

.Shanti Nirman:9851070924

.Siddhi sai construction:9801147129

.Shrestha construction:9801046013,9851063600

.Shubha Construction:9851002054

.taman construction:9851034744

.Thakali subbha construction:9841306373

.The Kanchangunga construction:9851161237

.Thudong Construction:9851048004

.Waiba construction:9842965090

.Y.P construction:9851021238

.Young shrepa construction:9851035577





October 28, 2020 |

Which type & quality Door you are searching?



When you finshied your house or building construction,You will be in confusion in fixing the door in your room.

Yes,this is real, it detirmines your budget and mind make up.Now a days there are various type & quality,style,and designed door avaible in Nepal Market,Most of they are:

Flush and readymade door,solid wood door,membrane door,glass door,digital designed door,plywwod pannel door,wooden pannel door,security door,metal door, steel door, door,folding door,Glass & wooden pannel door,heavy pannel door,

you can fixed as your door location,and decide

Ifyou need more info: 9851110960


October 14, 2020 |

Water pumps ,know more


There are many types and variety of water pums in the world.Most of the water pumps suppliers,importers,and dealers are located in kathmandu,Nepal.Water pumps are used in diffrent purpose and diffrent areas;Like Water pumps are mostly used in  house pumps,  commercial pumps, ,Agriculture water pumps,industrial water pumps,

Water and waster pumpsOpen wellpumps,food and beverage,solar,fire fighting pumps .The leading brand water pumps highly taken market are: CRI water pumps,Servo water pumps,Crompton Greaves water pumps,calpeda of italy,Shakti,Kirloskar,  etc,cost of water pumps depends on capacity and power,

Most of the pumps are imported from India,China and other country

for info and inquiry: 9869420756

October 8, 2020 |

Anil Shah Anurodh stone Suppliers


InNepal ,We are recorded as a solid success for our prompt & best service providers in sector of manufacturing, installation & supplying and fittings by our expert mistri  of stone  in heavy parking,garden ,house wall,house  wall chang,step fittings .We have also appointed as a pool of highly qualified team,with expert technicians,experienced professionals to supervise ,manage and keep a strict vigilance in all stages of the delivery & installation process.We have more than 1000 satisfied customers.We are one the of best & quality suppliers & manufacturer & designers. we select best grade raw materials.we installed & finished in accordance customers requirements.

Thanks to all our well wishers :

Ani Shah Director


October 5, 2020 |

Chinese Bricks in Nepal

Comments Off on Chinese Bricks in Nepal

Chinese Bricks P.Ltd -Chinese Bricks in Nepal

Contact for Info: 9851110960

For better construction works with better suppliers and contractors, nepalconstructions is there for you

For better construction works with better suppliers and contractors, nepalconstructions is there for you

October 3, 2020 |

Shree Dakshinkali Mai suppliers


Location : Kalanki,Old Naikap Tel:4289517,Cell:9851003242

Deals in:Sands/stones/concrette,/bricks/chips dusts,soil

For better construction works with better suppliers and contractors, nepalconstructions is there for you

For better construction works with better suppliers and contractors, nepalconstructions is there for you

October 3, 2020 |

Anil Shah Anurodh Stone suppliers p.ltd

A View of Garden with stone

Location : Old Naikap Near New Diamond school Tel 9841268683 A,9803990995,9851003242 (AnilShah)garden-tile-500x500

Dealers in:Quality  stone suppliers and fitters for : Parking,Garden,House wall and outside AreaPremises ands/stones/concrette,/bricks/chips dusts,soil


October 3, 2020 |
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