cost of wall papers

cost of wall papers


for info:9851110960

Wall papers is best and good out look cost effective and durbility wall finishing materials used as a interior decorative materials.It is cheaper and best than any paints ,cost ranges from Rs 45 per sq feet with fittings .It widely avaible in wide range of colours,shades and design.Its minimum age is more than 25 years.It is easy to fittings and hassell free with great outlook.

During that period painting should be donemore than five times .

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Finding top interior designers


Top Interior Designers in Kathmandu, Nepal

When you search for a top interior designer in Kathmandu then you may come across many results. But choosing the best one is a difficult task, you have to choose wisely considering different factors and your preferences. Here is the list of Top interior designers in Kathmandu.

1. Jadan Construction Group – Construction Company in Nepal

Jadan Construction is not only an interior designer in Kathmandu, but also will handle overall construction works from planning to completion. Your dream home or structure will be designed and built by the talented and qualified members of the Jadan Construction Team, which includes civil engineers, architects, graphic designers, supervisors, electricians, plumbers, and masons. With its combined technological knowledge, Jadan Construction is capable of delivering outcomes on time while maintaining the dignity and integrity of clients’ needs.for info : 9851110960


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Are you buying a new house?





 Important points  Before Buying Your dream  House

Before you buy a house in Kathmandu, it’s highly recommended to consider the budget, location, legalities and documentation associated with it. Let’s know about these factors in depth.

Budget Planning

The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing a home is your budget. Always plan your finances carefully. It’s essential as you might come across certain hidden costs.

Let’s take a real-life example, you have chosen a house to purchase and it cost around Rs. 2 crore 30 lakh. You have allocated an exact budget for that.

However, post-purchase, you come across additional financial considerations such as property taxes which are around 5% to 7%, registration fees around 2%, and broker’s fees around 2% to 3% which were not considered in your budget. It will definitely impact your decision.

So, it is wise always to factor these expenses into your overall budget to avoid financial surprises.

Budget Sourcing


Another aspect of budgeting includes sourcing. You might be thinking of buying a house in Kathmandu in installments, or through a home loan. For this, you need to stay updated on current interest rates for home loans. You can compare rates from different lenders to secure the most favorable financing terms.


You might have come across Facebook ads stating a house for sale in Kathmandu, right? So what’s the first thing you scan? Well, it is obvious you search for “Property’s price and location”.

Remember that you are going to live in that house with your family for the long term. Imagine, you have elderly parents, and they cannot withstand loud sound and air pollution. You cannot think of buying a house in an industrial area or a house near main roads. So it’s simple, location matters. It should resonate with your lifestyle.

When you buy a home in Kathmandu, you need to consider accessibility. Consider factors like the proximity to essential services like hospitals, schools, markets, and public transportation.


Your neighborhood plays a significant role in your livability. There is a saying in real estate, “You do not buy a house, you buy a neighborhood”. Always prioritize neighborhoods with good safety records and a strong sense of community with like-minded people and cultures.

 Resale Value

The most important thing is to consider the property’s resale value. For this, always be updated and informed about current and upcoming infrastructure projects in the area. For example, road expansion can significantly enhance accessibility and property value.

Compare Your Needs to Home’s Design

Before making the purchase, always first compare your needs to the home’s design.  The design and layout of the property need to align with your lifestyle and needs.

Let’s say you are keen to buy a house in Kathmandu, then you need to be specific about your requirements in terms of the number of bedrooms, kitchen layout, living areas, natural lighting, bathrooms, and floorings.  Be clear whether you want a 2BHK, 3BHK, or any other specific needs for parking areas, or garden areas.

You should properly analyze if the house meets your needs.

Legal Aspects and Documentation

Before committing to a purchase, you must know about the legalities and the procedure to gain ownership of the house. Ensure that the construction has obtained all the necessary legal approvals from the local municipality.

For instance, there have been situations where you purchase a property but later on come to know that it does not abide by all necessary building permits and approval.  And you need to pay for that, it would cost a lot for you. So, always be careful.

Another essential part is to verify that the property has clear and indisputable ownership records. For this, you can visit the Land Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. They will provide you with certified copies of title deeds.

Consult an Engineer


Even when you purchase furniture, you thoroughly examine its condition. You analyze its brand, quality of materials used, and you consult with various carpenters, right?

Don’t you think you need to be more careful while buying a house? As you know it requires a huge investment, it’s essential to consider the quality of construction and builders reputation. For this, you can think of consulting with an experienced engineer or an architect to inspect the structural and maintenance needs related to the foundation, walls, electrical wiring, and plumbing systems. They would ensure that the property meets your standard and safety needs and also provide you with a detailed report if they identify any potential problems.

Select an Experienced Real Estate Agent or Broker

A real estate agent can either make or break your deal. So, select an experienced real estate agent who is trustworthy to avoid any fraud. For this, you can evaluate their track record or ask for referrals.

An experienced and reputed real estate agent’s expertise, market knowledge, and negotiation skills can significantly impact your overall experience and the outcome of your real estate transaction.

Environmental Consideration

Your safety comes first. So, you must assess the area’s susceptibility to natural disasters. Analyze if the house is in low-level land and is affected by floods during the rainy season. Alternatively, you must also analyze whether the property is on high-level land and is susceptible to landslides.

In Nepal, it is extremely important to consider environmental aspects before taking any step ahead in the buying process.


In conclusion, buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime dream. It’s an investment of your hard-earned money that demands in-depth research and careful consideration of the above-mentioned factors.

So take your time and choose the best construction company, best agent, best location, and best engineers to buy the best house of your dreams.

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planning and process before construct a house


Aprox cost:Rs: 34 lakh for one story and 70 lakha is for 2.5 story with full finishing ( marbleing,tiling,painting,plumbing and electricals) for info:9851110960

careful planning, a solid understanding of the construction process, and the right team of expert to ensure that the project is accomplished as expected and on time as well.

Nepal has a unique geo-climatic setup with diverse landscapes, unique architecture, and varied climatic conditions, building a house in Nepal can also be a challenging task. This articles is all about simplifying this complex process by providing the essential information required to build a house in Nepal, from acquiring land to obtaining necessary permits and from selecting materials to the finishing touches.

Process of constructing  House in Nepal

 Land Acquisition

When it comes to investment, real estate is the most preferred choice. If done wisely, it will give the best return. However, when buying land, it is important to keep certain important factors in mind, without which purchase might not be a sound investment as wanted it to be. It is important to check whether the owner holds all the essential rights to transfer the property.

For this, it is essential to contact the advocate to get the title documents like sale deeds and to obtain a certificate, confirming the land has no legal issues with it.

Design and Planning

For any designing and planning, the land measurement process would be crucial to identify the working area. Once the measurement work is completed, an architect starts drafting the layout of the building using the collected measurement and also helps in the visualization of the final construction of the house. Once the preliminary draft is completed, architects start a detailed design and will schedule and plan the completion of the project.

The dream house would not be complete without interior design. So, the architect would work on material selection as per budget to give the best option to accommodate all the facilities without compromising any design.

Get Necessary Permits

After designing, one should follow the following guidelines to obtain approval for the construction of the house: –
A person, organization, or government entity desirous of constructing a house of category A, B, or C as mentioned in Subsection (1) of Section 11 of the Act shall submit a design as well when applying in the municipality in the format of Schedule -1 for approval of the drawings.

Whereas a person, organization, or government entity desirous of constructing a house of category A or B shall prepare drawings and design of the building, and a person, organization, or government entity desirous of constructing a house of category C shall prepare drawings of the building and submit for approval in the format of Schedule–1 in the Office of Urban Development of the concerned district.

The Office of Urban Development will check and verify the application received as per Sub-clause (2), and if the Office deemed it necessary of additional documents, it may call for the documents with the applicant.
If the details of the applicant are found justified in checking and verifying them, the Office of Urban Development shall approve the drawings or design within thirty days of the date of submission.

 Site Preparation

It is the process of removing obstacles such as trees, vegetation, debris, or other obstructions from the construction sites using heavy machinery. The construction team will test the soil and determine its composition and classify if it is worthful to work on the plot or not. It is important because it helps determine the foundation types that should be used for the construction project.

It is typically done with a pit or borehole and then sent to the laboratory for further analysis. This gives an idea to the inspector about meaningful details about the soil. This gives a brief estimate of the cost and identifies the methods to be used for the building projects.


The design and the construction of the foundation are done in such a way that it can sustain as well as transmit the dead and the imposed loads to the soil. This transfer must be carried out without resulting in any form of settlement that can result in any form of stability issues for the structure. Differential settlements can be avoided by having a rigid base for the foundation.

These issues are more pronounced in areas where the superimposed loads are not uniform in nature. Based on the soil and area it is recommended to have a deeper foundation so that it can guard against any form of damage or distress. These are mainly caused due to the problem of shrinkage and swelling because of temperature changes. The location of the foundation chosen must be an area that is not affected or influenced by future works or factors.

 Construction of Walls

The construction of concrete walls is a crucial part of building construction as it is constructed as a load-bearing structure to transfer loads from floors to the wall below or to the foundation, to divide spaces in multi stories buildings.

Here concrete walls are the most important structure as they greatly control the safety of the buildings.  That is why considerable caution shall be practiced during its construction. Finally, apart from the proper construction process, materials used for concrete wall construction play a major role in improving the performance of the wall during its life span.


The roofing materials can be corrugated metal sheets, clay tiles, or slates to help in the design of the house as per geographical structure, climate, and other parameters. It is crucial as it ensures that the roofing is constructed properly and meets all the building codes and regulations guided by the engineers.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

After structuring the building plumbing, the rough sketching of the building projects is when all these installations are completed before the walls and ceiling are plastered and thoroughly reviewed by the inspector. If the plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations don’t pass the initial inspection, they can be easily altered and improved.

For most projects, it is suggested for the plumbing should be done before the electrical development. During the process, all the water supply, drainpipes, and waste pipes run through the houses’ holes and frame structures. Here, plumbers and electricians can work within the same site simultaneously to fix the probable complications.

 Finishing Work

Once the structure is ready, the finishing work, like plastering the walls, painting, fixtures, and final touches, is provided. Plastering the walls involves applying a layer of cement or gypsum-based plaster to the walls to create a smooth finish.

It is applied in the layers and left to dry before the next layer is imposed. Once the plastering is completed, the preferred painting is done to get the desired finish and the conditioning of the walls. At last fixtures such as lights, fans, and switches are installed.


Transforming a dream house into reality is an expensive as well as complex process, having different technical aspects involved in it. We should consider different factors like geo-climatic structures of soil, design, and rules and regulations of the land. Right contractors to engineering professionals, choosing the right materials, and incorporating eco-friendly features, can create a safe, sustainable, and beautiful nest.

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price for cement in Nepal

Shivam Cement RS.830/-
Goenka Cement RS.780/-
Shaktiman Cement RS.770/-
Bishal Cement RS.750/-
Maruti Cement RS. 780/-
Argakhachi Cement RS. 780/-
Jadamba Cement RS.790/-
United Cement RS.860/-
Sarvottam Cement RS.750/-
Sagarmatha Cement RS.740/-
Agni Cement (ALPHA) RS.780/-
PPC cement price in Nepal
Jadamba Cement RS. 690/-
Sarvottam Cement RS. 670/-
Cosmos Cement  (TEJ) RS. 660/-
Orient tridev and AGNI RS. 670/-
Sagarmatha Cement RS. 645/-
Shakthiman Cement RS. 660/-

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Poly carbonate price and suppliers and uses


for suppliers inquiry :9851110960

Applicables sectors:A polycarbonate sheet is a tough plastic (shaped into a transparent plastic  sheet) that absorbs little moisture as well as resists chemicals. It is also flame retardant and is not prone to impact damage. Since it has many desirable features, it has been adapted for many uses in place of glass, acrylic, and other materials.

It is widely used in For Roofings,partitions,shades,auto glass,saftey glass,bullet resistant,building applications ,and agricultures,

Room Divider

A common use for polycarbonate sheet is dividing a room. Since the sheet is lightweight, it is easy to move from place to place. Some are manufactured in an accordion style so you can open and close the divider as needed, and some are even made on wheels for easier movement.

Safety Glasses

Since polycarbonate sheet is resistant to impact damage and chemicals, as well as flame retardant, it is a top choice for safety glasses and goggles. Due to the nature of polycarbonate sheet, it provides more protection than other materials would while keeping glasses and goggles thin enough they won’t affect someone’s vision.

Bullet Resistance

In places where bullet-resistant glass is a necessity, a polycarbonate sheet can help provide proper protection and security. The polycarbonate sheet is placed in between layers of the glass, providing protection should any bullets hit the surface.

Riot shields are also commonly created with polycarbonate sheet due to the bullet resistance.


Many manufacturers are finding ways to utilize the features of polycarbonate sheet. Since it is so lightweight and durable, it is a great option for creating smart phones, laptops, and other electronics that may be sensitive to impact damage and other damages that the sheet could help prevent.

A polycarbonate sheet may also be used to create CDs and DVDs.

Auto Parts

Since it is resistant to chemicals, heat, and flame retardant, it is also a popular choice for certain automotive parts. You may discover radiator grills, door handles, and even headlight bezels made from a polycarbonate sheet to add lightweight protection to the vehicle.

Building Applications

Polycarbonate sheet is over 200 times stronger than glass, making it a great replacement option for glass when available. It is also easier to mold than other materials. Durability makes it a top option for skylights and glazing security lights in buildings. It insulates much better than glass and can also help lower energy costs when used in place of glass for building purposes.


Another desired feature of polycarbonate sheet is the UV protection it provides. It is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of greenhouses since it still lets the sun’s rays in, without the potentially harmful UV rays, thus providing protection, warmth, and light to the plants inside.

Since it is stronger than glass and acrylic and provides many safety features, it is often used in place of glass for building purposes. It is also lightweight, making it popular in the automotive industry and the electronics industry. Polycarbonate sheet offers bullet resistance, so you will often find riot shields and bulletproof glass is made of it. There are many uses for polycarbonate sheet and it is taking over lots of industries.

cost depends on thickness,colour and brand quality.All cost are in sq.feet


1.2mm costs Rs 160/sq feet,1.5 costs Rs is 190/,1.8mm price is Rs 220/,2mm price is  Rs 240/,2.5 mm price is 290/

-3mm price is Rs 345,3.5 mm price is Rs :395,4 mm price is 445/4.5 mm price is Rs 500/5mm price is Rs550/6mm price Rs 655/8mm price  is Rs 860/10mm is 1070/12mm price is Rs1275/

Car Parking Tensile Structure – Tensile Structure

.Fittings Charges:Rs 225 t0 25o per.sq.feet with iron structures and iron .

For example if you like to use 3 mm sheet in roofings it total cost will be Rs 600 Approx

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cost for plumbing,electricals ,paintings…


May be an image of outdoors


S.No Field Sub Category Problem On Demand Customer Tentative Time Remarks
1 Plumbing TAPS Long/Short Body Tap, Angle cock fitting 200 10-20 mins Waiting time for material will cost extra
2 Plumbing TAPS Wall /Basin Mixture Fitting 350 30-45 mins
3 Plumbing TAPS Vell Change for taps 300 20-40 mins
4 Plumbing TAPS Bottle Trap / Waste coupling fitment for basin 300-400 30-50 mins Metal or plastic trap
5 Plumbing TAPS Bottle Trap fitment / Replacement for Urinal 500 30-50 mins
6 Plumbing TAPS Small leaks, washer problems, tap cleaning or other minor works 200 10-20 mins
7 Plumbing TAPS CP Nipple/ Tap Broken inside 500 10-60 mins Easy removal or broken part inside the hole
8 Plumbing COMMODE Siphan set/ Cistern Fitting 750 30-100 mins
9 Plumbing COMMODE One Piece Commode Fitting/Replacement 3500 120-180 mins
10 Plumbing COMMODE Regular Commode Fitting/Replacement 2500 120-200 mins
11 Plumbing COMMODE Udhisa Pan Fitting/Replacement 2500 120-200 mins
12 Plumbing JAM CLEARANCE Toilet Jam from commode only 1000 10-30 mins
13 Plumbing JAM CLEARANCE Toilet Jam from chamber or pipe ( PVC) 2500-5000 30-60 mins Depending on the nature of Jam and problem identification
14 Plumbing JAM CLEARANCE Toilet jam with unknown reason (KIT) 2500 or Above upto 180 mins
15 Plumbing JAM CLEARANCE Urinal Jam Clearance 1000
16 Plumbing JAM CLEARANCE Kitchen Jam Clearance 1500
17 Plumbing TANK Tank Fitting 1000ltr Plastic 2000-3000 Depending on tank lifting height, number of points and waiting period
18 Plumbing TANK Tank Fitting 1000ltr Tin/Steel 2500-3500
19 Plumbing TANK Tank cleaning (1000 ltr) 1000-1400 Looking at the site & tank position
20 Plumbing TANK Tank Leakage maintenance 1000-1500 Flex tape, m-seal, tank putty
21 Plumbing KITCHEN Kitchen Coupling Replacement 600-1000
22 Plumbing KITCHEN Kitchen sink Fitting/ Replacement 1400-2000 60-120 mins
23 Plumbing KITCHEN Kitchen waste pipe replacement 200 5-10 mins
24 Plumbing Thread Cutting Thread Cutting (1/2)” 300 per thread (min. 2)
25 Plumbing Thread Cutting Thread Cutting (3/4)” 350 per thread
26 Plumbing Thread Cutting Thread cutting (1″) 400 per thread
27 Plumbing Thread Cutting Thread cutting (1.5″) 450 per thread
28 Plumbing Thread Cutting Thread cutting (2″) 500 per thread
29 Plumbing BATHROOM Toilet, bathroom CPVC (single line) 6000 within Pokhara city
30 Plumbing BATHROOM Toilet, bathroom CPVC (double line) 9000 within Pokhara city
31 Plumbing BATHROOM Toilet, bathroom GI (single line) 10000 within Pokhara city
32 Plumbing BATHROOM Toilet, bathroom GI (double line) 14000 within Pokhara city
33 Plumbing Others Washing Machine Fitting 1000-1500 Looking at inlet & outlet piping work
34 Plumbing Others Motor Fitting / Replacement 1000-1500
35 Plumbing Others Meter Box Cleaning 500- 800
36 Plumbing TIME BASIS All other works on time basis Minimum 500 0-30 mins 300 /hr for main technician, 200/hr helper
37 Electrical SWITCH/SOCKET Power socket fitting 250
38 Electrical SWITCH/SOCKET Double Power Socket fitting 350
39 Electrical SWITCH/SOCKET Fitting of Gang Switch(Rs/gang) 100 1G-100, 2G-200,3G-300 & so on….
40 Electrical SUB METER New fitting/shifting 500
41 Electrical LIGHTS LED tube light fitting/replacement 300
42 Electrical LIGHTS Bulb with holder 200
43 Electrical LIGHTS Panel light per point with wiring 800
44 Electrical WIRING Listy + wiring 75 Per running feet
45 Electrical WIRING Earthing Plate 8000-10000
46 Electrical WIRING Pipe Earthing 3000
47 Electrical WIRING INVERTER Installation & wiring for 4 rooms 2500-4000 Site inspection required
48 Electrical WIRING HDPE Piping for 1 flat 3500 During initial work stage
49 Electrical MCB DP MCB 500
50 Electrical MCB TP MCB 700
51 Electrical MOTOR SINGLE PHASE fitting 1000
52 Electrical FAN Fan + Regulator fitting 900
53 Electrical FAN Repairing 300-1500 Capacitor or coil replacement
54 Electrical TIME BASIS All other works on time basis Minimum 500 upto 45 mins Rs 250/hr for technician & Rs 150/hr for helper
Description Silver Gold Platinum
Routine Check Up/Month 1 2 4
No. of Same Day response (within 2-6hrs) 2 5 7
No. of Next Day response 3 4 6
Free Service Worth (Rs)(as per rate list) 5000 8000 1000
Service Warranty period (days) 15 30 45
Discount % on material (compared to hardware ) 5% 7% 10%
Credit Cycle (days) 14 days 21 days 30 days
AMC charge per month (PLUMBING +ELECTRICAL) 2999 3999 5999

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constructions equipments suppliers and repairs in Nepal


In Nepal ,the most usable constructions equipments are avaible easily with genuine suppliers,importers and manufectures ,The ranges are  Concrete Mixer machine,batching plant,crusher machine, vibrators,Tamping Rammer(Monkey Jumper), Mixture Machine with Mechanical Hopper and lift, Concrete Mixture Machine with Hydraulic Hopper and Lift, hydroconstructions equipments,drilling equipments, asphalt machines,concrete processing machine,pre-bar processing,compact machine,pavers,rollers,lab equipments,props,materials handlings,shuttlerings and scaffolding,

The suppliers and manufecturers offering best price with genuine parts and maintance.

.These machines and equipment are based on latest technology and give excellent performance during operation.

the best Dealers:

.Shiva Shakti Machinery work,( for concrete Mixer machine  )

.Anamole Engineering for Crusher machine supply and setup

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